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It’s Time Conservatives Boycotted HBO & Time Warner

Brian59 Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 2:46 PM
Did any stop to think that the heads on that wall belonged to the heros of the series who died fighting the villans? They just elevated GW Bush to level of Ned Stark.


The latest insult (filming President Bush’s Decapitated Head on a Spike) from HBO is enough to put me over the edge.   Join me and ensure HBO and Time Warner feel some economic pain.  Jeffrey Bewkes are you listening?

It is time to close our wallets to HBO and all Time Warner Divisions.    It is time for conservatives to “vote with their feet” and choose other programing, movies, and products. 

Here is a list of simple actions each conservative individual can take (these are my opinions and not those of TownHall or its management):


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