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Doug - I salute you for having the courage to say what so many are thinking.
Unfortunately, the Democrats are looking for votes and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking for cheap labor. Neither could care less about the survival of the country.
In the mind of the angry old drunk at MSNBC, anyone who opposes Barack Obama for any reason is a racist.
California is pretty much a sanctuary state and offers benefits to illegal aliens that are unmatched by any other state. It just announced it is setting up drivers license branches exclusively for illegal aliens. This serves as a magnet for illegals.
Excellent article Diana. The Democrats want amnesty because it means votes. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants amnesty because it means cheap labor. Neither cares about the future of the country.
One of the few honest people in the media.
Agreed. I stopped donating to the RNC about fours ago. Without the Tea Party Boehner wouldn't be speaker.
You make even less sense than McConnell.
Actually Paolo, the term is "Losertarian." Other than Ron Paul, what libertarian ever won anything. Libertarians are liberals who don't like takes.
"There are almost three million Muslims living in the United States. 99.9999 percent are peaceful, hardworking citizens. 99.9999 percent is WAY too high.
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