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Obama's Numbers Went Down, but Romney Never Inspired Voters to Vote

Brian2344 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 2:37 PM
"Johnson gave us Vietnam. " - Uh no - American military advisors arrived in what was then French Indochina beginning in 1950 under Harry Truman. U.S. involvement escalated in the early 1960s, with troop levels tripling in 1961 and tripling again in 1962. Facts are such pesky things. Source:
In combing through the results of the 2012 election -- apparently finally complete, nearly two months after the fact -- I continue to find many similarities between 2012 and 2004, and one enormous difference.

Both of the elections involved incumbent presidents with approval ratings hovering around or just under 50 percent facing challengers who were rich men from Massachusetts (though one made his money and the other married it).

In both cases, the challenger and his campaign seemed confident he was going to win -- and had reasonable grounds to believe so.

In both elections, the incumbent started running a barrage...