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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Brian2257 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 2:02 PM
This article makes it sound like a weapons ban on the books is no big deal because it is being largely ignored, and makes the nonsensical suggestion that proponent politicians are upset about it. Neither is likely. The great danger for gun owners is that they are being set up. Suppose you publically espouse a risky political position. Suppose you are accused of underpaying taxes, or violating zoning laws? When they come with a warrant to search your house, and discover your unregistered firearm, voila, you're a felon, and regardless of your guilt or innocence on other charges, your property will be confiscated and your kiester is going to jail. And the supposedly embarrassed politicians will be grinning and congratulating each other. NY, Connecticut, you have to get rid of those laws. Never trust the government to not enforce a law.
This so misses the point. Good wedding photography produces art, keepsakes. What would you expect an artist would produce who doesn't see the subject as worthy or beautiful, and who is being forced at the point of a gun? Honestly, if I have any doubt about their motive or commitment, I wouldn't let a barber cut my hair, would you?
He shoots skeet all the time? Then how come this is the first we heard of it? We all know in painful detail how he goes golfing all the time... This reports stinks of political gamesmanship, like Joe and the shots he heard while golfing in Pennsylvania...
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A Time for New Ideas

Brian2257 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 8:14 AM
How about "plain language in legislation"? (1) Require a separate recorded vote on each 1500 words of legislation. (2) Forbid omnibus spending and continuing resolutions (3) legislation expressed in English using literacy standards common to the completion of compulsory education - If you have completed High School or have earned a GED, you should be able to read and comprehend the law.
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Akin's Idiocy is Infectious

Brian2257 Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 3:47 PM
I've only seen the soundbite and cannot guess what Akin meant - his immediate apology tells me he's not happy that he said this either. Permit me to try a real point here. Abortion advocates are so insistent that an abortion ban include exceptions for crimes - but to implement the exceptions, the pregnant woman desiring an abortion must have to attest legally that she was an actual victim of crime.
Wealthy liberal elites only advocate this sort of system in the naive belief that they will somehow be in charge of it. Or if they already are...
How can this be right? Wasn't it fairly widely reported that Romney raised $107million last month? If he spent 33 and has 22.5 left, that leaves $50 million unaccounted for. Where did it go? Taxes? What did I miss?
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Obama: There are No Self-Made Men?

Brian2257 Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 8:23 PM
I continue to think the other side of this coin is what matters to the President. His personal scolding of the successful contains the message that his cheering fans evidently received. "See, the successful have already gotten their help from all of us, so those of you who are getting help now, whether it is interminable unemployment, social security disability, medicaid, food stamps - well, you don't have to feel bad about it, it's your turn now. Don't let the hypocritical successful deny you!" He needs them afraid. He need them envious. He needs them to vote for more help at any cost.
There is another point to consider - to whom is Barack Obama talking? Not to the successful, regardless of how personal the scolding sounds. Our president is talking to his base, and his message is "there is no moral difference between those who earn their keep by work and sacrifice, and those whose keep is derived from the government dole". See, even the rich got some from the government - so if you're getting some now, it's OK! It is your turn! Oh, and whatever the rich got from all of us makes it OK for all of us to demand it all back - with interest! There is no other way to explain the audience cheers. Message evidently received. *sigh*
This is a totally stupid ad. Folks with the typical attention span for ads are only going to see Obama talking, ergo - an Obama ad. Cognitive people will remember the excitement of the last Obama campaign and think about his lofty ideals and soaring rhetoric; again, plus for Obama no matter what he's actually doing now.. Subtlety is not going to cut it. Say "Obama has become his own evil vindictive straw man" if that's what you mean. Always say "Romney is better than Obama" in every ad, as directly as possible. Subtle ads will only get lost in the video-induced stupor. Bank on it.
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