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How About a "Select Committee on Violence"?

Brian1904 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 10:07 AM
Here is another way of stating Ms. Liebau’s point: The Left dominates the political discussion. Consequently, what is being asked now is not how to reduce mass murder; it is how this incident can be used to implement gun control. If we ask what can be done to reduce mass murders, then we have to start investigating issues like 1) Most of these shooters were on psychiatric drugs 2) The incidence of mass murders per capita in Europe is about the same as the U.S. 3) From 1950 all but one of the mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones where people are rendered defenseless 4) If the Left demands banning of smoking on TV & movies to reduce the influence on children, then what is the influence of glorified violence in TV & movies?

Today, the NRA met with Joe Biden and Eric Holder.  Not surprisingly, little accord was reached. The NRA rightly perceives that gun control is the only agenda in which The White House has an interest.

But Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) has posted a tweet with an excellent idea from listener "Hal": How about a Select Committee on Violence in America?  Isn't this something the House could set up on its own? And one of its merit, as the tweet points out, is that it would allow (indeed, require) testimony from Hollywood and video game producers.

Look, liberals are always wanting to have...