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UC's Leftist Echo Chamber Drowns Out Diverse Voices

Brian1301 Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:05 PM
It's so obvious that there is a failing in our schools and colleges on deductive reasoning and common sense logical thought processing. How so? Well go to any political blog and read the comments. Those from the left spew foul language and lack of thought, those from the right use logic and state facts. This is what our education system has degraded itself to, this was the goal of communists that began 50-60 years ago.
searcherseeker Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:47 PM
This is from "None Dare call it Treason" by John A. Stormer (copyright 1964), about John Dewey, education pioneer.

"By 1905, American Fabians had formed the Rand School of Social Science in New York and incorporated the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Within three years, chapters were formed at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, New York University and the University of Pennsylvania.

"Early adherents included such later day leaders as John Dewey..." p. 23
searcherseeker Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:53 PM
"Dewey published, "My Pedagogic Creed", in 1897. In it he saw the destruction of a child's individualistic traits as the primary goal of education. Once this was accomplished the youngster would conform or adjust to whatever society in which he found himself. Ability to "get along with the group" became the prime measuring stick of a child's educational "progress".

"Taken to a logical conclusion, Dewey's theory would have the child who finds himself in the company of thieves become a thief also. The tendency to justify immoral of unethical conduct by rationalizing that "everybody does it" is rooted in Dewey's teaching." p. 100
searcherseeker Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:55 PM
And there's LOTS more! If you can find it, read it. It didn't start 50-60 years ago, it started in the 1800's!
gungy Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:56 PM
That was the goal of Mao's Cultural Revolution. Adn ramins the goal of the Left today.
Political activism has drawn the University of California into an academic death spiral. Too many professors believe their job is to "advance social justice" rather than teach the subject they were hired to teach. Groupthink has replaced lively debate. Institutions that were designed to stir intellectual curiosity aren't challenging young minds. They're churning out "ignorance." So argues a new report, "A Crisis of Competence: The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California," from the conservative California Association of Scholars.

The report cites a number of studies that document academia's political imbalance. In 2004, for example, researchers examined the voter...