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The U.K.’s Upside-Down Approach to Crime: Shoot a Burglar, Go to Jail

Brian1078 Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 8:11 PM
I called to report the third burglary of my tool shed in Phoenix and the police dispatcher asked "Do you know who did it?" My response caused him to choke a bit. I told him that if I knew who did it, they wouldn't be getting a call reporting a burglary, they'd be getting a call about a body being found in the desert. After the dispatcher recovered his composure, he told me that the calls were recorded and I shouldn't say things like that. I told him I wasn't worried, I'd use my shotgun so there wouldn't be any ballistics to tie it to me anyway.

Last year, I held an unofficial contest to see whether the United Kingdom or the United States had the dumbest bureaucrats and/or most absurd examples of political correctness.

Since that time, I’ve posted additional examples of gross government stupidity from both sides of the Atlantic. From the United Kingdom, we have these gems.