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Democrats to Propose Increasing Unemployment at Convention?

Brian1078 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 8:50 PM
It does more than that. It costs retail and hospitality businesses a LOT of money when minimum wage goes up. You only have a percentage of sales available for payroll and when the wages go up, you have to reduce employee hours to keep that sales to wages balance. If that balance gets out of whack, you either aren't waiting on the customers, or you're losing money. Neither is conducive to staying in business. Raising prices isn't always an option and unlike what the liberals seem to think, it can actually result in a downward spiral.

Rumor has it that Democrats will include, at their up-coming convention, a proposal to increase the minimum wage.  As documented in a recent Cato study, such a policy is likely to increase unemployment, especially as I noted elsewhere among teenagers.   One would think that given how a weak economy is undermining Democrats’ chance to keep the White House, they’d actually make proposals to reduce, rather than increase unemployment.

Perhaps the most bizarre, but honest,

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