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Deciphering How Statists Think about Gun Control

Brian1078 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 8:32 PM
It matters not how conservative a Democrat claims to be, they are still Democrats. A vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for Harry Reid in the Senate or Nancy Pelosi in the House. If you don't agree with Dirty Harry or San Fran Nancy's radical liberal and criminal policies, don't vote for a Democrat because they will be the votes needed to put San Fran Nancy and Dirty Harry into positions of control in the House and Senate.

Even though I don’t own that many guns, I’m an unyielding supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Indeed, I use gun control as a quick and simple of way of deciding whether politicians meet minimum standards of acceptability.

I’m not a single-issue voter, though, since politicians have to pass a number of tests (unwavering opposition to tax hikes, support for entitlement reform, etc) before receiving the Dan Mitchell Seal of Approval. I guess this is why 99 percent of them fail.

But I’m digressing. Back to the topic at hand, my support for private gun ownership and constitutional freedoms has...

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