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You have to go back much further. Mr. Obama has vacillated, voting present, at least since his days as a State of Illinois Senator.
Unfortunately the world knows there is no "or else" that will actually be followed up on with Mr. Obama as President.
Madoff, Enron and Ponzi didn't work in the Gov't.
Have you paid any attention? The house, which is where Mr. Boehner works, has voted to repeal over 40 times.
I'm sorry Mary, I can't agree that helping Democrats win is an effective strategy.
Don't forget the "it's settled law" trope every liberal trotted out against any Repub.
Does Mr Obama think anyone outside of partisan American democrats take anything he says seriously? The only world leader who worries when Mr Obama speaks is Mr Netanyahu.
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Poll: Grimes: 46%; McConnell: 42%

breyes Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 6:13 PM
Yes, these are the people who promoted Sharron Angle a few years ago.
I really don't understand the liberal mind. If Fox made any comments, even slightly racist, Fox would never be on my TV again. If Libs truly were "sensitive", MSNBC would have zero viewers.
I think if those States believe unemployment benefits are so important then they should fund them themselves.
No Smity, you're the one who is over the top. I am one of a whole batch of RINO's as "true conservatives" would call us who are sick of not being pure enough for y'all. Tea Partiers love to talk about Reagan but conveniently forget Reagan was the guy who said something like he prefers someone who agrees with him most of the time over someone who disagrees with him all the time. It has been shown the conservative base sat on their hands in the election of 2012 because Repubs didn't nominate somebody like Goldwater. As far as I'm concerned true conservatives have no right to complain about Mr. Obama.
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