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By the way Wtmoore, Vargas has spent more than 1/3 of his life in the Phillipines.
I'm Filipino, my father came here to study. When his student visa expired he moved to and worked in Canada until he could return legally and become a citizen. Why is it that some people can manage to do this legally if, as you claim, it is so terribly difficult? Send Vargas away, even more so because he intentionally and belligerently breaks our laws.
Must be nice to be so dead broke that you can give approx $1,800,000.00 away over a year and a half. I'll take that dead broke any day. PS. Any bets as to how long before we find out she's lying about this?
It's always all or nothing with this guy. If you don't agree with him completely then you are a flat earth "denier". If you don't agree with him completely then you believe there is never any change in the climate. Obama is so disingenuous it disgusts me.
I disagree, we would probably be extinct.
What amazes me is Libs hate Rand but love Orwell. Read 1984 or re-read it. Rand could've written it with different prose.
Of course he would. Mr. Putin knows no other man who would be President would be as weak kneed as Mr. Obama.
Really if that were true, you wouldn't be able to use a computer considering how PC Silicon Valley and Seattle are.
You sound crazy
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ObamaCare Facilitates Left GOTV Efforts

breyes Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 7:45 PM
The problems may or may not include GOTV. I'm sure we'll find out sometime in the future that millions or hundreds of millions have been funneled thru Obamacare to democrat operatives to get illegal votes out for Dem's.
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