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He's a Dem troll trying to confuse the issues.
If you vote for McCaskil ... you are voting for a pile of manure.
The fact is there are a number of Dems who closely follow or associate with known communists and members of the CPUSA. You don't have to love the site mentioned to acknowledge that fact - nor does it make people who note the fact that Dems are or associate with members of the CPUSA idiots. It's idiots who fail to see the connection that is a problem. And no - I have not visited the site in question - I already knew there were many connections.
Saying someone acts LIKE a dog is not the same as calling someone a dog. The Dems are expert at such turns of phrases, so why not our side? Better an occasional lapse of decorum that a thief as a Senator.
What exactly IS that "thing" talking there?
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