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Marriage and Political Experience

Bret19 Wrote: May 11, 2012 3:11 PM
"In other words, the country is supposed to act as these people say, but not as large numbers of them do." While I do appreciate stats like these undermine our message, we should cower away from the fight because of that. Our message isn't "marry the opposite sex and your relationship will never fail" - it's that the male/female relationship is typically the best, and what God intended. And if the messuring stick is perfection - well, no human would ever be able to advise others or write laws regarding the desired traits of a society. "...the difficulty of imposing their beliefs and values on others who do...." why is it secularists don't have this problem? Society will get someones' morals; the only question is whose?
Former NPR and current Fox News political analyst Juan Williams made an excellent point Monday night on "The O'Reilly Factor." Williams said the major reason President Obama had not endorsed same-sex marriage is because of the strong opposition to it in the black and Hispanic communities.

Who could have doubted, though, that the president favors expanding the definition of marriage to include gays and lesbians?

Vice President Joe Biden brought this divisive social issue to the forefront of the presidential campaign with his comments Sunday on "Meet the Press." Biden said he is "absolutely comfortable with the fact...