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Immoral Beyond Redemption

Bret19 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 3:53 PM
As usual, Mr Williams is spot on. Only thing I would add is the tie-in with the 'social justice' crowd. I've always invisioned the good Lord asking Ms Pelosi - "what did you do to help the poor". Well Lord, I sponsored a government program aimed at social justice" Jesus's word were directed towards individuals, not governments. I don't think just supporting a program that uses resouces from someone else is going to score any moral points.
Also interesting "....don't just go for what you see on a particular cable channel or another...". Translation, don't believe what you might hear on a cable show (ie, FNC), but slobber up all you can from network stations, like ABC/NBC/CBS!!
Please, spare me the preaching about how to select a candidate; how do you think you did the last time around? Dude, if you don't know by now what this president stands for or the 'change' he wants force on this country, YOU are the one who has their head in the sand. There is a very clear distinction between parties, so if you disagree with the republicans so much, just cut the ties and be a democrat.
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Marriage and Political Experience

Bret19 Wrote: May 11, 2012 3:11 PM
"In other words, the country is supposed to act as these people say, but not as large numbers of them do." While I do appreciate stats like these undermine our message, we should cower away from the fight because of that. Our message isn't "marry the opposite sex and your relationship will never fail" - it's that the male/female relationship is typically the best, and what God intended. And if the messuring stick is perfection - well, no human would ever be able to advise others or write laws regarding the desired traits of a society. "...the difficulty of imposing their beliefs and values on others who do...." why is it secularists don't have this problem? Society will get someones' morals; the only question is whose?
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Sigh: DWS' Lie of the Day

Bret19 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 5:39 PM
Among the other stupid things she said "...we need to make sure we're not pulling revenue out of the economy, we need to be putting more revenue into it". Really?? How does raising taxes put more money into the economy? It's just the opposite - people and business have less disposable income to put into the economy when taxes go up. The dirty little secret of DSW and the libs is that they believe gov needs to be spending more money in the economy, but neither are smart enough to understand where the money comes from in the first place.
UmReally "There is also no analysis of how women fare under Obama relative to other presidents." I don't give a rats behind what 'other presidents' did. This one is the one who is bitchin and complaining about other people's actions when he is doing the exact thing. Barry can fix this today, right now and make it - as he defines it - right. What does he SAY and what does he DO? This is just like the Buffett argument - the man and his fellow 'millionaires for higher taxes' are totally within the law and their own control if they feel like they are paying too little - do the right thing and pay more. Again, hypocrits who say one thing and do another.
Is this the same group of dopes that complain there is too much money in politics - helping a POLITICIAN secure exactly 1 job by chipping in $40K for a plate of food? And the same group that lectures other rich folks they need to do more to help the needy. How far could George's $40K go to feeding the poor in his hometown? People who can't see the hypocricy in these jokers are just plain blind
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