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So, how many car bombers does Christ Matthews know?
It has been 6 months and they have failed to turn over ANY emails. Where does it say the IRS cannot turn over what they can easily find and then turn over the rest as they are located? Failing to turn over even 1 email is contemptible. Issa should have given Koskinen until the end of the day to turn over the emails they have and until the end of the week to turn over the rest.
Can those who claim Issa "violated House rules" cite a single rule he broke? Of course not! What Issa did was approved in advance by the House Parlimentarian. It was Cummings who broke the rules. He was told in advance that there would be no speech making at this hearing. When allowed to ask a question, he launched into hr prohibited speech. Cummings is the rule breaker and should have been escorted out by the Sergant at Arms. What a loser!
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Acting Like a Founder

Brent95 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 8:17 AM
Dr, your hatred is clouding your brain, if you have one.
I have no intention of telling the government about my health insurance, let alone paying an illegal "tax."
What a silly thing to say. States Rights mean that we uphold the rights of the States. Holder is advocating that the one person hired to do just that should refuse to do so. Are you always this stupid, or are you just having a bad day?
Absolutely, Holder is in favor of lawlessness (until the GOP take over again).
will, no one takes you seriously, so I guess we are even.
I have already delayed Obamacare in my own life, and for much more than a year. I an self-employed and have not had health insurance for over 20 years. Nor do I see any reason to buy it now. The only penalty for not buying a complying policy is a reduced tax refund, but I haven't received a tax refund for over 25 years. Why should I care what Obamacare requires?
Matthews has been deranged for many years. Anyone who watches his foolishness is similarly off their rocker.
So Mr Obama can unilaterally postpone the enforcement of selected provisions of Obamacare, but he can't set the salaries of those who work for him? Crazy!
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