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Would you accept as truthful an unsubstantiated fact from the man who told the 2013 Lie of the Year? I don't.
Flouting the law is neither a breath of fresh air nor the actions of a true patriot.
They did. One of the many things Mr McCullough left out of his report is that the Bundys have been to court more than once and have lost every time. All the Feds were trying to do here was enforce an existing court order. Bundy has been fighting this in court since the 1990s and has always lost, so now he is trying his case -- AGAIN -- in the court of public opinion in front of people who do not know the back story, and Mr McCullough was not honest enough to give you the real story.
I have never watched The David Letterman show. Nor have I ever watched Cobert's show. Therefore, as far as my life is concerned, this change of hosts is a non-event.
Who cares if Hillary is thinking about running? What difference at this point does it make?
If Pryor wants to debate the cancellation numbers, how about we also debate the sign-up numbers? Obama has already been honored for being the prevaricator of the 2013 Lie of the Year, so I don't think it is too much of a stretch to think that the 7.1 million number is a lie. I dare Mr Pryor to prove me wrong.
When Mr Obama was awarded the "Lie of the Year," I stopped believing anything he says. Mr Obama makes ol' Tricky Dicky Nixon look like a Saint.
Mr Biden has been brain-dead for decades. Someone needs to bury him.
So, how many car bombers does Christ Matthews know?
It has been 6 months and they have failed to turn over ANY emails. Where does it say the IRS cannot turn over what they can easily find and then turn over the rest as they are located? Failing to turn over even 1 email is contemptible. Issa should have given Koskinen until the end of the day to turn over the emails they have and until the end of the week to turn over the rest.
Can those who claim Issa "violated House rules" cite a single rule he broke? Of course not! What Issa did was approved in advance by the House Parlimentarian. It was Cummings who broke the rules. He was told in advance that there would be no speech making at this hearing. When allowed to ask a question, he launched into hr prohibited speech. Cummings is the rule breaker and should have been escorted out by the Sergant at Arms. What a loser!
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