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Well, she got one right. No rational person would believe in Barack Obama. As to the other two, the GOP are the only ones who believe in governance and science. Nothing the DEMs have done since 2008 has any basis at all in governing or science.
The question of whether an embassy in Cuba would require additional appropriations is not the question. The question is whether it would require expenditures of federal funds. Congress can pass a law prohibiting all expenditures of any federal funds on anything it desires, including an embassy in Cuba. This is why it is important for a president to work together with Congress. Any time he sets out on his own, he runs into the problem that Congress will cut off his funds.
There is nothing to account for. The veto is legal, no matter the reason. There was no abuse, only use. You democrats need to learn English.
When you elect an incompetent, you get incompentency.
I'll be glad to get rid of Mr Reid.
I will wait to hear Mr Todd's response to the unanswered questions. I will not be holding my breath.
No one on either side ever doubted for a minute that this whole mess originated in the Oval Office. That is why the Democrats have insisted from the beginning that there was nothing there and we all needed to just move on and the Republicans have refused to let it go. When will the American People rise up and demand the truth from their servants?
Progressives don't care what you do as long as they can make it mandatory. They fear freedom because they can't mandate anything. That is why Sotomayor is all upset over the elimination of affirmative action; that's one less thing her liberals can now mandate.
Rather than banning the distribution of the constitution, these administrators should be reading it. They obviously are dumber than rocks if they think that distributing the constitution is a "protest."
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