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GOP Rep: Senate Republicans "Must Have Been Drunk" to Vote For the Cliff Deal

bwo_rei Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 10:37 PM
"Minority party"? Really? We are consistently winning at the state level, which, as a reminder to you leftists, is where the nexus of power is supposed to reside in our country. We have 50% more governorships than you do and in my state (NC) our governor-elect just won in a landslide and we have super-majorities in both state houses. YOURS is the party of extremists and if it weren't for the low-information voters grazing on Obama's plantation, you'd represent, at best, 20% of the population. Enough of your lies. Run along now. PS: Even at the federal level, your Messiah performed markedly worse than he did in '08 and we solidly retained the House. We're not going anywhere, fool.

How bad do some House Republicans think the Senate bill is? Ohio Rep. Steven LaTourette thinks the only way that number of Senate Republicans could have voted for the plan was if they were drunk:

"I think our sense, at least in the House, was that a number of the Republicans that voted for it must have been drunk, because it really was a number that wasn't reflective of where we thought some of these people were going to be on a bill like this," he said after emerging from a House GOP caucus meeting.