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Sorry, Chief Bozo, not gonna happen. Not after Obama's embarrassing defeat this past winter and especially after the recall of those two CO state senators. Gun control is DEAD for now and the Left knows it.
We'll never win another election, huh? What happened in (and since) '95, hmmm?
You have the gall to refer to Cruz as "bone-headed," Mr Benson? This man would run circles around you! Did we get "hammered" in '96 for that shutdown? NO! Only in the minds of revisionist historians such as you, Rove and your ilk. We GAINED two Senate seats, lost only two House seats in keeping a comfortable majority there and positively affected welfare reform. "Well, we lost the White House, didn't we?" Two words as to why we lost the White House (and they're not "gov't shutdown"): BOB DOLE! This narrative that the '95 shutdown hurt us is utterly FALSE! Shutdowns were COMMON in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Why are you so scared now?! If anything, with the new media today, we are in a much BETTER position now than we were in the 90s. Grow a spine and STAND UP, Mr Benson!
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hey, we won! You lost! So shut the bleep up! SOUND FAMILIAR?!
Yep, he reminds them of the a$$ whippings they took back in the 80s.
I was with you until the 'Huntsman' part. That would NOT be smart. ;-)
No, go ahead and post it Glenn.....and we'll expose it piece by smelly piece. So where is it, hmmm? Oh, that's right, you have to "go to work." Phew, saved by the bell, huh?
Ooh, you walked right into this one. Both Luna and Jones are half white....just like our President......which makes them black. Gotcha! ;-)
Yeah, right! Your source?
LOL! Yeah, right. Remove three zeros and that'll be about right.
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