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Hopefully, Matthews will get the Olbermann treatment from MSNBC. I was listening (Sirius) on my way to work this morning and knew Reince/Matthews would be fireworks, but my commute ended before this clip. Matthews is a d1ckhead.
It's funny, isn't it? Some of my FB friends were talking about "banning assault rifles" and I knew they were clueless so I kept asking for a definition or dilineation between an acceptable gun vs. their "assault weapons" and it was funny to see them squirm. I'll be using my Remington Model 700 .223 (with bull barrel) this Sept in Oregon for a buck. I can definitely turn it into an assault weapon, but it'll never be on any pinheaded liberal's banned list. LOL
Agreed. O'Reilly fan and lifetime hunter here. Seeing someone buy a crapload of ammo is two things: prevalent and usually nothing. What I mean is that I bought a thousand rounds 10 years ago because it was cheap. I still have half left, btw. And so many people buy in bulk that it would completely bog down any law enforcement agency if they tried to dtermine intent any time someone bought ______ rounds in 1 purchase.
I'm a fan, but this was one of the exchanges where Billy didn't do his homework.
Warren would be like adding another Pelosi-a radical f&*king nut job! Come on Massachusetts!!!! Do the right thing!!!
I served from 83-07. DADT was fine. I was a submariner and it kept things discrete. It ticks me off that these a-holes are "protesting" in uniform. A gay pride parade is a protest, or at least a political event.
Participating in political events in uniform is forbidden for active duty military members. Participating OUT OF UNIFORM is authorized. Repealing DADT was a mistake.
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