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Rand Paul’s Support for Israel

Brent171 Wrote: May 07, 2014 3:29 AM
Yes, Townhall readers should be aware that Glick is a paid agent of a foreign government, and she does not have US interests at heart.
I dont understand these posters who say "why not raise it to " as if this discredits raising minimum wage at all. If you do not believe there should be any minimum wage, fine, argue that point, but if you accept that SOME minimum wage is right then there is obviously some correct balancing point, is it such a stretch to think it should be a bit higher?
I wonder about how american conservatives perceive the british UKIP in comparison to the US tea party as to what the key differences are. I always find it funny how european conservatives are often considered liberal to americans.
My thoughts exactly! but boy do these christ bashers spill a lot of ink er, electrons...
Im glad to see a righty finally give a cogent, though still flawed counterargument rather than just saying "Pilketty is a communist who should be ignored"
But what if you are wrong?
Actually this is known: he was an agnostic, who made it clear he had absolutely no interest in philosophy. His wife who he loved dearly was deeply religious and he avoided any discussion of the philosophical implications of his scientific theories because he did not want to upset her. For example Karl Marx wrote to him about how his scientific theories were a good fit to dialectic materialism and wanted to collaborate with him, and he wrote back that he did not want to get involved out of consideration for the feelings of his wife.
Anyone who thinks the "why" question is legitimate has never had children.
no not the missing link argument. This is silly we are constantly finding more and more transitional fossils, tiktaalik is a good example, but every time you find a new fossil guess what else that means, TWO NEW MISSING LINKS!! so the christianidiots will never shut up no matter how much you tell them with this tack of argument. The fact is fossils are rare and very few animals become fossilized so its lucky we have as much as we do, but the biggest evidence is EVERYTHING is in the right place. All it would take to disprove evolution is finding a single fossil in the wrong era, like finding a rabbit skeleton in a precambrian layer, but so far no.
he lost his temper and looked silly, but I understand where he is coming from, science is so elegant and beautiful and I have taught college myself and felt hurt at how whatever beauty I tell my students their ignorance remains a powerful active force that can not be defeated and I see it spreading making the world a more ugly place.
I have read all this stuff you reccommend, and it really fascinates me, but its just not for me. My mind just does not work that way. I see process rather than agency, emergence rather than creation. It was hard for me as a child because I was brought up by my parents in a beautiful world of art and science, then suddenly at school I was confronted with people with strange alien ideas telling me there was something wrong with me because I did not have a belief in this thing they call god, but they could never explain to me what this thing they call god that apparently I dont believe in was. They made me feel there was something wrong with me, and to this day I do not understand why. I grew up to become a scientist and continue to live in a beautiful world of art and science. Why do you insist on making me feel bad, for not subscribing to ideas I find inelegant and ugly?
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