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writing this on Townhall? are you just hoping to get yelled at by lots of people? This is probably the most pro-bibi audience outside Israel...
I dont reject god. i just dont understand the concept. It is alien to my cultural upbringing. The article writer states that there is something wrong with me because of this.
I dont reject god I just dont understand the concept. I was not told about it until I was old enough that I had already formed a complete and satisfying worldview without the concept that still gives me motivation to do things that help all of humanity. Then it was too late. It just does not fit with my belief system and since there is no mathematical proof for it, there is just no way in. I dont need it. If you read the article and his statement about the god stuff there is clearly no room for the likes of me in his world.
I do pharmaceutical research in an academic (non profit) setting. Next question? He is implying that there is something wrong with me and that someone like me should not exist. I dont get the whole god thing and he thinks this is something that makes me a bad person.
No I don't, but thats ok, I dont care. What I dont understand that I do care about is why this makes me someone who needs to be vilified by the likes of this collumnist. I mean noone harm.
I have lived my life in 5 different countries and sought to do what I can to better the lot of all of humanity. The concept of god or loving a country has always been something I am unable to comprehend. It seems the author of this article wants me to be exterminated in a death camp. I dont understand why he hates me so much. I dont hate I just dont understand what he believes in... I guess I was not exposed to such thinking at a young enough age for it to make any sense to me.
the knockout game was a completely made up fabrication. Mentioning it removes credibility from this article.
Im shocked at the gall of this article. How can you begin to think you know what is going though this womans head and what she is faceing? let alone think you know better what SHOULD be going through her head from the narrow perspective of your theology. The level of self righteousness is astounding! Leave her alone!
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

Brent171 Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 4:33 AM
Like Democrats, but unlike Republicans, they don't want Jeebus rammed down everyones throats...
Oh boy, you lot aught to lighten up, let people say and dance however they want but strictly enforce abolute nonviolence, then everything will be ok. sound waves of peoples voices cant hurt you. Just calm down.
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