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Obama Promoted in Polling Places Across the Country

Brent150 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 5:17 PM
Hmm.. I wonder if they ended up covering the "O" -Obama symbol? by covering up "CHANGE! Hope..." you could argue that probably helps Obama, as those are now laughable slogans, but the O symbol is still a strong pro-Obama picture. Unless... Three Red stripes = 3 dead Navy Seals One Blue Rainbow = Ambassador Stephens (also deceased) In Benghazi...(?)

By law polling places are supposed to be free of electioneering, meaning the promotion of candidates cannot happen within 100 feet of where votes are being cast. Despite this fact, President Obama was promoted in polling places across the country today.

First in Philadelphia, a gigantic mural of President Obama was painted on the wall in addition to one of his quotes and his campaign logo. Voters couldn't avoid seeing it if they tried, it's right in front of the voting machines.


A judge ordered the...