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Will Hillary Resign?

Brenda339 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:28 AM
I am no Hillary fan but the idea that she is the one ultimately responsible for the Libya deaths is ridiculous. She is being thrown under the bus as the scapegoat. The Administration claims to not have known that there was request for more security. Um, do you think, if the President was holding his morning meetings (as all other Presidents have done) he might have picked up on the previous attacks and think that 9/11 might be a time to offer more protection? I guess those campaign speeches and fund raisers were more important to him, even after he learned of the deaths. Isn't it a shame that the only top politician in this administration with balls enough to claim that there was a real problem in what happened is a woman until last nigh?
Davole Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 11:01 AM
Brenda -

Hillarity Clinton is NOT "being thrown under the bus as the scapegoat" - Billy's goat has willingly crawled under the bus.
dahni Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 11:40 AM
lol! This brought a flashback of Monica under Billy's desk...
rogermcall Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 3:26 PM
Hmmm.... Depends upon your definition of "willingly." I have no doubt that a tawdry team like Hill and Bill have configured a nice, juicy payout in this "sacrifice." They are counting on Dem Party support when she announces her run in '16. In the meantime, look for the lamestream media to cover her in glory as she joins Bill on the lucrative talk circuit after her "retirement.". End result: Come 2016, the Party will drag her smiling and glad-handing her way out of "retirement" and the average American voter will be saying, "Libya? What's that? Oh, who cares anyway?"
dahni Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:14 PM
Or they will be saying, Clinton who?
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has stepped forward to say she accepts responsibility for the fact that our consulate in Benghazi was refused enhanced security. This is another example of her willingness to take one for the team. But what does it mean? Will she "accept responsibility" by resigning her office?

This is what is meant by accepting responsibility in most parliamentary democracies. As Secretary of State, she surely knows that any of her NATO colleagues who accepted responsibility for such a debacle would immediately surrender his office.

Vice President Biden executed a play on words that has become...