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UMich censorial attitude brings to mind the censoring of Charlie Hebdo - maybe not with violence but certainly with "force"
Knife fights are safer than gun fights. Wrestling a leopard is safer than wrestling a lion. Jumping off the Golden Gate bridge is safer than jumping off the Seattle needle.
What is worse is that they don't even register the hypocrisy.
je suis Kelvin Cochran
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URGENT: It's Not Islam

Brencis Wrote: Jan 10, 2015 11:02 AM
"The problem isn’t Islam." I'm starting to wonder if this is true? The only people who keep saying this are white people. Surely you don't have the legitimacy to make this claim. This should be made by Muslim leaders, particularly religious leaders.
I am Kelvin Cochran!
I am Kelvin Cochran!
.... but it's okay to give guns to Mexican drug lords?
There should be a law that requires all politicians who are about to spend public money to say, "We are going to spend taxpayers income on ......."
I haven't found one yet!
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