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The Health Information Technology Boondoggle

breathedeep Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 1:25 AM
Very well stated. For those of us that have switched to EMR, we find the industry not just to be inadequate, but generally obsolete. The programs are not updated to be compatable with the updates of standard operating systems ( like Windows 7). My EMR lost its cursor with the last update (try keeping track of where you are w/o a cursor!) and we are told it is not fixable until the next update comes out (at least 6 months away). Part of the issue is that the programs are very expensive and therefore difficult to change without a very great loss of money. Since the government did not require the EMR companies to comply, only the dactors, we are stuck.
Imagine a world where fossil fuel vehicles are gradually outlawed in favor of electric cars. The government would at first give incentives to those who purchase electric cars and then gradually replace those incentives with penalties for cars that use fossil fuel. As implausible as this appears, it is already happening with light bulbs, toilets and wind turbines. The government fancies itself as entitled to decide what works best for everyone.
A similar process is currently ongoing with health information technology (HIT).  The Feds have appointed themselves as the final judge of how HIT should be used. The American Recovery...
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