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Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks

Brandon64 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 8:31 AM
I would argue the point that "it was our country that brought people here as slaves, who captured or sold them to our ancestors.......". Yes, it was Europeans and Some "Americans" who BROUGHT them to N America, but it has been proven that it was the Africans and the Muslims in Africa that were responsible for the "capturing" and selling to "whites" to begin with. Its not as if a boatload of white people sailed over to Africa and ran around tossing nets onto Africans and throwing them into a trailer to be shipped back to the US. The "rounding up" began with their own countrymen and other dominant forces at the time, Islamists who ruled northern and some of western Africa.
Political correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools. Drop Christianity down the memory hole but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam.

Even the mainstream media have provided extensive coverage of the steady stream of court cases and threatening letters from the American Civil Liberties Union aimed at removing all signs of Judeo-Christianity from public schools. Not only must prayer be prohibited, a cross and the Ten Commandments removed or covered up, a valedictorian banned from thanking God for his help, a football coach prohibited from bowing his head during a student-led pre-game...