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So i guess this is the Liberal Democrat way to game future elections. Republicans want ID s for people to vote....so Cali goes and gives them to illegals in return for their votes.... WHat? no voter fraud here! They have licenses.
Probably the only thing I will ever agree with Nanny Bloomberg about! Tell you what, I will encourage my kids to do just that should they not be up to the academic levels for a math, engineering or other higher level degree. I'll be damned if I pay $20k-$40k per year for my kids to be "liberal arts" majors or "philosophy" majors...... I graduated with Psychology degree and I've been in sales since I graduated....a complete waste of my and my parents money.......but I did meet some great friends and had some awesome parties in college.
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Michelle Malkin on Hillary's Lies

Brandon64 Wrote: May 10, 2013 8:04 AM
Why do we let...why does Sean let Juan get away with continuing this false premise that ....the decision to NOT send reinforcements was because they would not arrive until after the attack ended? I would ask Juan or anyone proposing that...."Are you a mind reader or fortune teller?" If no, "how would you know how long or to what degree this attack could have gone on? " "Beside your belief......while the attack was happening......that troops would not arrive until AFTER the attack ended......is there any other reason that you commanded those troops to stand down?" These are the times I wish I was a Senator.....i would mess these people up!
Remember when in the debate about this topic and the one of the GOP solutions was to give big block grants to the states to do their own state to state exchanges and to deal with internal health plans??? Well since the end result of this anyway will be the states picking up the tab, lets just repeal the thing and do what WE planned in the beginning. Allow the Fed to cover those elderly and impoverished and then use the block grants so the states can figure the best way to serve the middle crowd.
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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

Brandon64 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 8:05 AM
I wonder if other groups are "non discriminatory"? Can a white dude join a African American club? How about a guy joining the women liberation or some similar group? So what that the group is not recognized anymore....can't these Christians just meet in someone's dorm room instead of some common area dorm location?
The GOP can not even get a common sense talk track together to correct the utter lies and nonsense coming from the WH about this "sequester"! They couldn't even convey correctly the implications of Fast and Furious and Benghazi and why it matters! I am so sick of them all. I am prepared for revolution of force or ideas, whichever is fastest.
You know this is gonna sound crazy or stupid or extreme but I don't mean it to be and actually am very serious. I pray for this Country. I pray that we have some super calamity that overwhelms us all. I pray that those in power find the deep end of the ocean....... I feel like a Man without a Nation as I see it piece by piece be dismantled and those that I THOUGHT were on my side, the GOP, are no better than the Liberal Progressive Statist in Power....and actually probably worse, because they continue to try to lie to the American Conservative that they are on our side. I honestly feel like it would be better to take my chances on my own and find like minded people in rural areas to form a community.
First of all, if Lanza had walked into a "black school".....he would have been shot, since most if not all urban "black schools" already have armed guards in those schools! Why do you think these things don't happen at black schools?
The cop says that the problem is the "outside guns coming in".......so basically people are going to get the weapons regardless...and the ones that are doing that are probably not the most law abiding anyway. Meaning...its not the regular citizen that is acquiring these weapons, its the criminals! I would have asked this Cop, of the hundreds of murders committed in your jurisdiction, how many were committed by people with previous records vs without? And of those committed by people with previous records, how many had legally obtained the weapon used? Like he would have answered that!
So you say there are 19 EOs he has lined up......so where are they? Why are "We the People" not able to see these 19 EOs before he passes them? Where is the Feinstein Bill she is planning to introduce? I love ya Katie....but I need to see real information.
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