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Walker Victory: This is What the Tea Party is About

Brandon156 Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 9:17 AM
Have to laugh at your complete denial here. Walker won by a larger margin (+200,000) votes and 54/45 than when he was first elected gov. Your 8/1 figure is completely wrong. The unions spent over 21 million to recall Walker. The reason Barrett didn't get more backing is because he wasn't the unions' initial choice. Not only that, two cities in California, San Diego and San Jose voted on Tuesday to limit union influence in their cities. With everything that's been going on with cutting back on a union's ability to influence elections, coupled with the popularity of the leaders who do so, we can expect more of this trend in the coming years; and we can expect the recall, actually, of those who refuse to do so.

Though it hasn't been celebrated as such, Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin represents the full flowering of the tea party movement. It is also a sign -- among others -- that the Republican Party has recaptured its ideological core.

The tea partyers are often mischaracterized as extreme right-wingers. Thus, proponents of same-sex marriage or unrestricted abortion will invoke "tea party" elements as those most opposed to their efforts. That's off target. Though many in the movement may have conservative social views, those weren't the issues that spurred them to organize, demonstrate and vote.

No, the tea partyers --...