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Quality Control Among the Polls: Will Protect Its Brand?

Brandon156 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:59 PM
It would be interesting for a polling org to do an equal sample poll. Equal samples of registered Dems and registered Reps at various times during the year to see which party is winning in the argument at any given time. Because in most cases there are crossover voters. Now that would be a useful poll. was begun in 2000 and in the 12 years that have followed, it has become the gold standard for aggregators of political stories, punditry and polling data.

Almost every newscast of note refers to the “RealClearPolitics average of polls,” which the commentariat has come to rely upon as a way of smoothing out the inevitable differences between polls and the various methodologies they represent.

With success comes a problem, however, and that is the old rule of “garbage in, garbage out.”

Should “RCP,” as it is known among those who rely upon it, do something...