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Ohhh, I agree 100% with you. The government should not Control Any Gun! We are not Babies..most of us know right from wrong and most of us know when to shoot and when not to. And if you don't _ go to classes or some knowledgable gun owner and LEARN.
How does your Character Stand?
I am a Conservative...If it were a time when we had a Great Democrat running for Office...I'd vote for him/her. I do not Vote for Parties, I vote for the ones who can and will do the Best for our Country. But if it is Ever a Democrat like Obama and Biden...again...I will not Vote for a Democrat. That is why this Election Year I will be Voting for Romney and Ryan. I believe they have our Country's Welfare as their main interest...And one more thing....I Love Being Conservative...they believe in Right.
Yes, Make Gun Ownership Mandatory and I think we should be allow to have Open Carry w/o and stupid permits.
In my opinion, after surviving his attempted murder. I would tell the police and court that I was going to Purchase a Gun and the next time he tries to Break In...they will be calling the Coronor. And that is exactly what I would do. I can just hear the court and cops...telling her she cannot do this...and I would Respond with you'd better keep him in JAIL!
I agree, But we do have a Sheriff that is Better than Any we've ever had. He tries to do a good job - and he does. The problem is we live in a small town and they have a North end and a South End . The North is bigger and needs more police activity than the South. But, our Sheriff does get his men to moving...he isn't one of the "good Ol' Boys" we've had for so many years. All the Same...I am Pro Gun and would even Welcome Open Carry.
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