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Oh my soul, anyone who Believes that pile of Junk is an idiot; and certainly not a Christian. God the Creator of all things, Loves Everyone-He doesn't see Color. His wishes are that no goes to Hell. All you have to do is accept Jesus as His Son, died on the Cross for Everyone's Sins, make a Public Profession, and be Baptised. Now on this "Black Power" Stuff, I lived thru that during the 60's and 70's. I Thank God I did not live in the bigger cities where this stuff was really bad, but it still happened here. One more point I'd like to make is many years ago, I lived between 2 Black ladies (which I dearly loved) and I got a compliment I didn't expect...one of the ladies said "You should've been born Black"(we was all 3 cuttin' up)
C'mon man the one who agreed with me first of all was a dear, sweet little Black Gentleman...and he said You are right, ma'am, you sure got it right. BTW: the office nurse was so upset, she called security for me...but, he didn't even do anything - all those folks; black ,white , green ,All colors knew I was right in telling this lady what I believed. So what racism there is still left in this country is not only for blacks. If you knew your history, you would know what they did to the American Indians, the Irish, German,Japanese, Chinese, etc.
C'mon man, Let me ask you: Have you ever been to any of these countries you speak of? I frankly don't think America is "racist" _ you may see some, but I've found that racism runs both ways.. My husband and were "racially" treated in a Dr.'s office one day. This woman was rude, obnoxious, and had a chip on her shoulder. She kept on and on verbally abusing my husband and I until I had enough. Then I told her she needed an Attitude Adjustment-that she was rude and needed a change in her heart. I told her we were not predjudiced as my husband is 1/2 Mexican 1/2 German and I, well Irish and Indian. I told her that it is not the Color of Ones Skin that makes a person; it is what they have in their heart. Most of all the patients agreed w/me
Boy, you sure got that right. What Nixon did was wrong: But what Obama and all his cohorts are doing ; well should be made Examples of what would happen to men and women of their character who have done what they have and are still doing. I don't believe I've seen such a Prez. in office that has corrupted, embarrassed, and disgraced the WH and our Country as I have seen since Obama was sworn in -in 2008.
Oh yea, you sure are right ....
LOL...I think that might work.
I do believe you are correct in the fact that if something isn't Now, then on Election nite, it Will all disappear. So, I say somebody best get on the ball and do their job "Fast and Furious". Otherwise, they will all walk. Great Point.
What would you do? Running this "once" Great Country is not an easy job. The Main Street Media has been lying since the Vietnam War..why can't they just Report the Truth? And I honestly believe, they are protecting Obama and his cohorts. You know the old saying Money Talks and B. S. Walks. I'm sure they are getting a good pay off from some of Obama's cohorts, like George Soros, and Ben Berneke (sp). Just my opinion.
I totally agree, this mess has gone on tooooo long. And after I was finished with Holder and working down the line....if the documents did not turn up....then we go to the "Commander In Chief" Obama. If all fails...Impeach them all.
Ohhh, I agree 100% with you. The government should not Control Any Gun! We are not Babies..most of us know right from wrong and most of us know when to shoot and when not to. And if you don't _ go to classes or some knowledgable gun owner and LEARN.
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