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Sequestration Could Have Been Fixed by Embracing Federalism

Brainstrained Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 4:26 PM
Sometimes, I get the feeling that a lot of information on budget requirements and increased spending is kept a tight secret on the entire worth of our nation. What I mean is, that if we are so far in debt to ??, then why do we insist on handing out millions more to foreign causes? That, and the disaster spending on FEMA and other causes. Increased military spending seems to grind off a few billion- like the North Korean situation. Is there more money than we are being told and how does Congress and the Senate expect the American Taxpayers to support the 'new' citizens they are proposing? Aren't the DemocRats even aware of this? Who is asking the hard questions?

In a new report out by The Liberty Foundation of America, it is made clear that sequestration didn’t really need to be as big of a deal as the Obama administration made it out to be. Remember how President was using all of those scare tactics a few weeks ago to try and avoid sequestration? Well the authors of this new report found that perhaps if the President looked at what is outlined in the Constitution, he would have been able to avoid the problem completely.

The 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution any powers not given to the federal...