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MSNBC Anchor on Trayvon: We "Others" Need To Unite Against Those Who Victimize Us!

Brainstrained Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 11:05 AM
Remember America, when the Black people start to destroy the fabric of our society on the claims of others...just tell yourself that its' YOUR fault for the plight of these Americans. If they can't read or write, calculate, or get a's your fault. When they start killing more and more...try to remember the colors involved. Keep good records on who is killing who, and why. Truth tells its' own time. White folks are beginning to show their dissatisfaction on the 'race-baiting' game; and it is going to show...soon! This can only be the fault of the media and its' demons.

Please be sure to hear Melissa Harris "Where's My Hyphen" Perry's lisp call to action at the end.