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Anthony Weiner: Danger Is His Middle Name

Brainstrained Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 9:39 AM
Weiner taking his 'cue' from the King-in-Charge. If Obama can get away with it, why can't I? Seems to be his battle cry! As for Mayor 'Nanny' Bloomberg...well, what CAN we say? 'Out of the frying pan...into the fire', seems to come to mind!
TelePrompterLess Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 11:08 AM
No democrat has an ounce of shame.

Gall? Lots and lots.
Scott4616 Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 1:40 PM
Both the lack of shame and the perception of "gall" would be extremely unusual, practically impossible for a normal human being.

But it would be completely natural for a sociopath, or a psychopath.

And sociopaths and psychopaths are driven by ego to seek positions of power over others. It should therefore not be surprising that the most concentrated populations of psychopaths and sociopaths would be in Washington, D.C. (the major league psychopaths) and in big city politics around the country (the minor league psychopaths, working their way up to D.C.).