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Obama to Boehner: "We Don't Have a Spending Problem"

brainmcfarlane Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 12:27 PM
We have NEVER collected more than 21.3% of our GDP and that was during WW2 ... when we had a high tax rate of 92-93%. We did collect 20.9% of GDP in 2000 when we had a thriving economy. No matter what the tax rate is we cannot collect 23-24% of GDP which is what we are currently spending. The only realistic way we can even come close to balancing the budget is to cut spending and somehow ignite the economy. But this POTUS has no clue on how to "ignite" and economy or he doesn't want to.
3204 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 1:04 PM
He doesn't want, simple enough. He believes that Unicorn pharts and pixie dust will fix everything, once taxes are crippling the economy.

The truth hurts, especially when you're coming awfully close to being crowned Captain Six Trillion.  Steve Moore's exclusive sit-down with House Speaker John Boehner reveals that the president is in deep ideological denial, and can get a bit testy when confronted with the facts:

What stunned House Speaker John Boehner more than anything else during his prolonged closed-door budget negotiations with Barack Obama was this revelation: "At one point several weeks ago," Mr. Boehner says, "the president said to me, 'We don't have a spending problem.'" The president's insistence that Washington doesn't have...