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Disobey The Mandate

brady_allen Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 11:42 AM
We need to Push Back on Lean Forward The President has said repeatedly that he has been given a mandate. I don’t believe that is true. He didn’t win by that much even counting all of the massive vote fraud. I think it is time that the left was given a mandate - or many, many mandates. For example: Congress: Pass a budget or resign. End the DOE - both of them. Get out of the UN. No more baseline budgeting. Prosecute illegal, unconstitutional executive orders - or we will start class action lawsuits. GOP: You can’t out-liberal the liberals. On taxes - there isn’t enough money in the entire country if you taxed everyone 100% to fund Obamaism (duh). Don’t talk about social issues (idiots).

If someone had told me in 2009 that President Obama would get close to ten million fewer votes in 2012, I'd have both laughed out loud and simultaneously thought to myself, "we'll take that."

Of course now, I can't explain why I would've been so happy.

Nonetheless the President's underwhelming yet historic win, by a quite slim margin of victory, has caused the word "mandate" to cross the lips of left-leaning opinion makers once again showing the true delusion of those who back team Obama.

One of the specific areas that such a "mandate" is demanding adherence to across the nation...