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"Among the conclusions of Judicial Watch's special report: ACORN lives on in the form of numerous state entities and in such affiliated organizations as Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), The Advance Group, The Black Institute, and Project Vote. In the words of Bertha Lewis, former chief executive officer of ACORN, ' these entities are carrying on ACORN's work of organizing low- and moderate-income folks [We have created] bullet-proof community-organizing Frankensteins that they're going to have a very hard time attacking.' "
The naive assertion that ACORN no longer exists impeaches the rest of the argument. Just like the malignant infection of communism that spawned it - federal funds are still supporting community agitators across the country.
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Disobey The Mandate

brady_allen Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 11:42 AM
We need to Push Back on Lean Forward The President has said repeatedly that he has been given a mandate. I don’t believe that is true. He didn’t win by that much even counting all of the massive vote fraud. I think it is time that the left was given a mandate - or many, many mandates. For example: Congress: Pass a budget or resign. End the DOE - both of them. Get out of the UN. No more baseline budgeting. Prosecute illegal, unconstitutional executive orders - or we will start class action lawsuits. GOP: You can’t out-liberal the liberals. On taxes - there isn’t enough money in the entire country if you taxed everyone 100% to fund Obamaism (duh). Don’t talk about social issues (idiots).
Michelle Malkin for Romney WH Press Secretary
It is offensive to Islam for any US citizen to continue to exist. What will our appeaseisration suggest in order to avoid offending the sensitive "religious feelings" of these noble sociopaths?
With McCain as our nominee it didn't matter who was in the VP slot - it's like saying the guy that jumped off a building made a mistake because he wore his good shirt.
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Obscurity: No Crueler Punishment!

brady_allen Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 6:51 PM
Good point about blame the gun and some other psychopath becomes emboldened by lack of responsibility. The media sure got quiet about the Arizona shooter once they found out he not only wasn't conservative but was a product of an Obama charter school with an Ayers curriculum.
All this ruling proves is that Roberts is owned by someone who has a grip on something sensitive and private of his: "Listen Roberts - it's your turn to roll for the regime - flop to the left and give any stupid reasoning you want - just make it happen, or else..."
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