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Hugh chortles while his position and his party go down in flames. He is the most transparent party cheerleader hack in the business. He is almost ALWAYS wrong and has zero credibility; I often listen to his show just to hear the insane lengths he will twist himself to comport to party line and make it sound "mainstream." Please, Hugh, stick with your party! All the way to the ocean floor.
Come on, man... that "Math" don't add up. Even his buddy Romney can't decide whether or not he really likes the Ryan plan. Ryan's "Math" is so good, his votes during the Bush years added nearly $7 trillion to the deficit. He needs a new calculator! (May I suggest a TRS-80?)
Yeah, the economy isn't growing as fast as it should be. Unemployment is too high. These things suck, and Obama isn't blameless. But the Republicans aren't offering anything that looks like a better plan... and in fact have always REFUSED to help in any way. Whatever O's faults, REPUBLICANS LOOK WORSE.
Aw, geez... "complete desperation"? The desperation is manifest in the exaggerations, distortions & lies of R2. Confident, weighty arguments wouldn't need their kind of flip-floppy nonsense.
It’s very telling that nearly all of the arguments made against Obama are based on wild exaggerations (O’s share of the deficit), shameless distortions (“You didn’t build that!”) and downright lies (welfare work requirements). Seems as though R2 don’t feel they can win with truth and grown-up engagement. There are good arguments to be made against Obama, but the truth of these arguments are hidden under a one-ton load of utter Republican BS.
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