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"But liberals won't make a peep about the College Industrial Complex because college professors are brainwashing students into leftist politics." Nothing in humankind's history has ever been more obvious and less spoken.
Good always wins, therefore the EPA will lose.
Those of us who want the Redskins to keep their name need to stop arguing that no one was properly outraged until just recently. A multitude of ideas have come to fruition after humankind lasted thousands of years without. For instance, The Bill of Rights comes to mind.
Public school is child abuse. The American post-grad system is merely a money laundering scheme for the Progressive/Democrat Party, funding administrators and tenured professors through the student loan program to indoctrinate the next generation of America bashers.
"Why shouldn’t Cochran ask black people for their votes in a primary?" Because they had already voted in the Democrat primary, perhaps.
How ironic that feminism so efficiently empowered the corporations at the expense of family and community. The idea is to diminish the woman's role in her home and her community, less so than to raise her up to some imaginary level of achievement that heretofore was exclusive to men. Now, isn't it grand we are are all stuck in the boys locker room.
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More Fraudulent Science From EPA

BraddocksGold Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 2:11 AM
The EPA and environmentalism at large are significant tools used to bring America down. They send our wealth over the globe and empower sleazy totalitarians. It baffles me that we comply.
Voter ID falls too short. There needs to be a Voter's License.
Until the U.S. Dept. of Education is shut down, public school is child abuse.
The warmers are the ones with all the road blocks. Branson makes no sense.
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