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Forget laws that make guns illegal. Let's make laws that make murder illegal. Then murder would never happen. Right, liberals?
You missed his point. Like Nixon, Romney is for equal rights. That didn't stop many democrats from trying to convince voters that the opposite was true. Elder is saying that he is happy that, despite their political differences, his parents didn't stoop to the level of current democrats.
I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories, but this is seeming more and more like a government sanctioned assassination of a man who had too much information. * Leak of Stevens' trip to Benghazi * Failure to provide requested security * Order to "stand down" * Failure to secure the area after the fact
Wow! Those must be some pretty extensive pieces of paper that sit at the desk of the women who answer the phone! $350,000,000 a year to provide the name and phone number of someone else? I want to be part of that racket! I have a friend who got pregnant between graduating from college and getting her first job. She and her husband tried to get assistance from Planned Parenthood. When they realized she intended to keep the baby, they indicated they wouldn't be able to assist her.
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Grab a Glass of Bacardi!

bporter Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 8:56 AM
Yes, my life is miserable since people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs got filthy rich! I hate that there are three gas stations at every corner. Those evil oil companies! I hate that I can go to multiple grocery stores and get fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, and dairy products. Gosh darn you big box stores!
I suppose if Holder's name was Scooter, the MSM might just give a damn. The MSM is complicit in the deaths due to F&F.
Point taken, hooter! The democrats don't want election integrity, so any group that does cannot be nonpartisan.
What I find most disgusting is the liberal meme that Romney is "evil"! If Mitt Romney is evil, the word can no longer have useful meaning.
Gordon- 1. Your view that it should be legal to kill a baby the day before it is born is disgusting and extreme. I would wager that at least 95% of Americans disagree with this view. 2. Your statistic about job growth in Massachusetts under Governor Romney was 47th is akin to complaining that Shaq didn't grow last year. Massachusetts had an unemployment rate so low it was economically considered full employment. Hard to improve on that.
Gordon- Should a woman be allowed to kill a baby the day before it is due to be delivered?
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