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It is the only way to keep our freedoms. That's for sure.
We need to keep our rights. They belong to us.
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Obama's Message On NSA Translated

bpompa Wrote: Jan 19, 2014 12:36 PM
Nsa is more of a threat to American citizens than the threat is.
He is going to kill us all.
Obamacare was created with lies and lies will keep it going.
I want all your firearms, thats really what they want. it is a cancer cell seeking to destroy the 2nd amendment. you can hear it every time obama speaks.
we have one constitution, ---no we have many constitutions, from the mayor to the president and the supreme court. wow --- thats a lot of constitutions.
these fools in office use our money to attack us. they live good, and we provide it. we are the little people to some ot them. why did they take the job? we have a constitution, we do not want these people to change it. if they do not carry an american flag, why are they still in office? obama does not carry an american flag, you can hear that every time he speaks. he should be physically removed from office, along with his crew.
obama if you can read these comments, what would you say? Maybe it would be better if you just packed your bags.
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