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Geithner Goes Over the Edge

BP in FL Wrote: Apr 28, 2012 9:00 PM
Agree with Marin145. Calling Geitner your friend seriously damages your credibility, Mr. Kudlow. Obama and every single member of his administration -- to a person -- are not interested in 'bipartisan' anything. They've proven it time and time again. It's their way, or not at all. Democrats stopped 'reaching across the aisle' many years ago. 'Bipartisan cooperation' means that Republicans compromise. And when Republicans don 't compromise, they're on the receiving end of the Democrat politics of personal destruction. There's no honor, character, or integrity among the Dems anymore. Not sure why you'd count someone like that as your friend.

Is Tim Geithner the most politically partisan treasury secretary in history? Certainly sounds like it these days. As the government’s chief financial officer, he’s spending a lot of time firing campaign barbs at various Republicans and their policies.
Geithner has blasted Mitt Romney by name on several occasions. He frequently attacks Representative Paul Ryan and the GOP budget. And he recently fired a broadside at top-Romney economist Glenn Hubbard, who is presently dean of the Colombia Business School.
Responding to a Hubbard op-ed in the Wall Street Journal -- which calculated that the president’s spending plans...