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I'd love to see Watters do a piece on this!
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Pathetic Dan Savage

BoxingKitty Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 1:12 PM
The point of this article is his hypocracy. He's for gay rights and gay pride but insults gay Republicans using a gay slur.
What's wrong with Townhall? I followed Redneck48's advice and can comment but there is no option to reply.
So who was pulling which boot straps when the Democrats had both the house and the senate?
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No ObamaCare/SB 1070 Ruling Today

BoxingKitty Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 3:13 PM
Total anarchy.
I thought paper biodegraded faster than plastic. And as far as reusing plastic bags from the store, my store just recently got new ones in that are thinner, and two of the bags tore before I could take them from the buggy to put in my car. I'm getting paper from now on. They're great when you're throwing up from a stomach virus; just put some newspaper in the bottom and it'll last you through the illness.
She reminds me of those photos captioned: "World's oldest living woman celebrates 108th birthday"
I noticed Hannity said "Michelle, last word" but Juan wouldn't let her have the last word.
Ugh, Alan Colmes. He looks like a cadaver.
I thought he was fired by CNN. Maybe he was fired from both. Was he not liberal enough for whoever did fire him?
I'd don't blame her a bit. I read "Culture of Corruption" and Williams probably can't stand how she revealed so many facts about the thugs Obama surrounds himself with. Non-respected? Her book was a NYT #1 bestseller, but Williams' book isn't. He's jealous.
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