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"The Political Fight On Healthcare Is Over. Republicans Won."

Botticelli Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 2:54 PM
"Our"right" is equal opportunity to buy insurance or not as we so desire. I could care less if you have insurance, I have my own life to worry about." That would be fine if you and everybody else who chose not to buy health insurance never got any health care. Get hit by a bus? Just grit your teeth and bear it, because you are exercising your God-given freedom NOT to participate in the health care system.

That's the headline from the Washington Post's signature political blog, 'The Fix.'  It's referring to the steadily deteriorating polling position of President Obama's signature "accomplishment," in advance of the Supreme Court's hotly-anticipated verdict on its constitutionality.  Here is WaPo's chart of its own Obamacare survey data over the last three years:

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