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The Republicans are the ones covering up. They haven't spoken to the head of the regional ATF office. They haven't spoken to the head of the ATF, who has said publicly that he never told DOJ about the operation. All the documents they're fussing over now are from after the fact, so they're not interested in finding out the truth about agent Terry.
Wow, Gregory, did you figure all of that out all by yourself? You are one clever dude. Yes sir.
OK, you don't know the facts of the case, and you're unwilling or unable to answer a straight-up question. So go sit down.
"Left Wing Troll" would be a better name.
He's just sharing the glee over this great bit of comedy: "a grassroots organization dedicated to educating citizens about economic issues and mobilizing activists."
Lois, it's a good story, and you won't see it reported at Town Hall, but you're off topic.
"botulism-please give examples of the dems "reaching across the aisle" to work with the Republicans." No Child Left Behind SNAFU in Iraq Affordable Health Care - included over 100 Republican amendments.
I see. So Olympia Snowe is to the left of Jim DeMint, therefore Olympia Snowe is "hard left."
If you are so concerned about what really happened to Brian Terry, why are all the documents that Issa is fighting for from after the event? Why haven't they spoken to Terry's ATF boss?
Source for the story, as if it matters: Pearls before swine.
"Could somebody show me an actual "radicalized" Christian?" Sure: James Kopp. Scott Roeder.
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