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We already know you're a Hitler fan, so no need to be redundant.
47 percenter: You are a hatemonger and probably a sweatshop profiteer. You deserve to rot in hell.
To paraphrase your statement. "If phony enforcement provisions are necessary to get an immigration policy that will destroy the middle class in America, then that's a worthwhile tradeoff."
When will you stop flying the white flag of surrender before a single shot has been fired?
Hewitt no doubt is dumbfounded that the gang of 8 is so cocky they are unwilling even to include phony enforcement provisions.
Amen. Jeb Bush would be even worse than Hillary Clinton.
Whoops, let me rephrase that. There is no basis to the oft-heard statement that illegal aliens do not receive taxpayer-funded social services.
Right. That's why you need to cut off access to jobs and government programs for illegal aliens. Border control is a smokescreen.
Right. That's why it is far more important to see to it that there is nothing here for them if and when they arrive. No welfare, no jobs, no public education, nothing. Take away the magnets and they will stop coming, fence or no fence.
That is why when mass immigration advocates say that their policies would end illegal immigration, they are right. They would turn the United States into a nation so overcrowded and poverty-stricken that even people from the most desperate parts of the world will no longer want to come. Then there will no longer be any illegal immigration.
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