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I hope the prosecutors get all they need before Holder moves to a country that has no extradition treaties with the US, unless it's North Korea.
He spends more time playing golf than he does at playing president; and if you think he is a lousy golfer, what do you think of him as president?
This is really encouraging to me. The democrats are showing their fear; and if John Foust isn't able to provide enough freebies, call phones, food stamps, etc., we will likely lose. A defeat for Obama, and a victory for the USA.
The first thought that crossed my mind.
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The New Black Male Can Be Conservative

BOSUX Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 6:55 AM
I surely regret the position these poor blacks folks endure, especially considering the fact that 44% of those incarcerated are blacks. Of course we should ignore the fact that blacks represent less than 15% of the population of the USA.
And this is different from what POTUS & Congress has done to Social Security in what way???
If Hillary wasn't dead broke, I'm sure she'd pay off Detroit's debt, RIGHT!
With president Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, race-baiters Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, and an assortment of others constantly fanning the flames of hatred-What else do you expect?
I agree with the Border Patrol letting as many people go as possible as long as they send them go to the White House.
I certainly agree that the White is vacant most of the time; but unfortunately, it is not vacant all of the time. No imaginative thinking by a Democrat has occurred in that place since Clinton bagged his girl(s), Monica, et al, there.
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