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Harry Reid: Romney’s Poor Father Must Be So Embarrassed

Reid is a weasel, and a liar. Not surprising given his party affiliation, of course. If Willard Mitt Romney's finances were out of order in any way, do you really think that the various campaigns of the more serious opponents he has faced over the years would have given him a pass? That Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Newt Gingrich would have let such a thing go? "Oh yeah, he cheats on his taxes but it would be kind of rude to use that against him in the campaign."
toucan1953 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 9:19 PM
John McCain DID NOT GIVE HIM A PASS. McCain chose Sarah Palin over Romney after reviewing nearly 20 years of his his tax returns.

Also, Gingrich DID address his tax returns. How soon you forget.

This has certainly been a negative Presidential campaign. But did Harry Reid Really just go there?

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, the Senate Majority Leader explained why he thinks Mitt Romney won’t release more tax returns.

"His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son," Reid said, in reference to George Romney's standard-setting decision to turn over 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in the late 1960s. Saying he had "no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy," Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring...