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Sometimes, the government needs to use the tax code to do this.
Pollution can be mitigated ro a degree by higher taxes on energy companies, for just one example. This is all as it should be.
The trouble makers in the House are making trouble. What a shock.
"Yes, let's not put the blame squarely where it belongs. That would be stupid." Barack is not to blame.
"The GOP and the Democrats are just puppets of the same rulers who are tied up with the Pope and other Satan worshipers. If Christians could leave they would and if they had the ability they would stop the Pope's minions from following them around the world to persecute them eternally." I thought I was merely a "superstitious fool" as a leftist colleague once described me because I practiced Catholicism. Now, thanks to some genius here, I've been promoted to Satanist!
Exactly! I take great delight in reminding all of the liberals in my church that the "poor" in Christ's time most likely dod not own iPhones and breed pitbulls for fun and profit!
My qualm isn't with social conservatives, but "compassionate" ones. I am not suspicious of social conservatives because of their pro-life views, which I strongly support, but because theirs was the wing of our party that got seduced by destructive, leftist ideas. Like the government's role in promoting home ownership, for instance. I do not appreciate being called a social liberal, which I have never been, merely because I find the LBJ-like impulses many social conservatives tend to harbor to be unacceptable. Isn't the other side doing enough to ruin the country as it is?
I want Romney to run again in 2016, and word is he will.
"Doesn't matter what Obama wants because Larry you have assured us that Romney is going to win in a landslide.' He will, in 2016.
"If the GOP is so foolish to run Romney again in 2016, it would be a far greater defeat than the 1st time around. Rubio is the 'arrow' the GOP is hiding in its quiver for 2016. Aiming for the millions of Hispanics it missed this time around." From many accounts Willard Mitt Romney is eager to run again in 2016, and he brings massive data and experience to the table. He was an excellent choice, and he will be a sure thing against a non-incumbent. Especially with a stronger running mate this time around.
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