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What else would you expect from Flaccid? Just flag them!
Will, After examining your last fifty responses to TH it appears to me that basically your only raison d'etre is homosexuality with hatred for the Tea Party and a miniscule list of other complaints. Even your first sentence in this last response either is a double entendre far beyond your usual literary ability or just an indication of your entire obsession involving shoving something down your throat. Are you actually that shallow?
DoctorRay, thanks for providing the reference while I was composing the above...I got distracted in the middle. Unfortunately the double posting is still occurring.
Actually DoctorRoy, I have trouble respecting the ideas of someone who starts a discussion with the phrase "I noticed a lot of you all jumped...." Either they all jumped or a lot of them jumped, but it's logically incoherent for a lot of them all to jump. Then it seems like it would be the responsible thing to do for you to identify the "private foreign corporation" you wish to bring up rather than keep everyone who isn't immersed in this topic guessing. Why not give a hint? It's difficult to answer your final question about an opinion when the reader doesn't know what your talking about and wonders why you can't stick to the topic of the original article, namely comparing the pros and cons of transporting crude via pipeline vs. rail? And which American politicians are you referring to? And why two identical postings?
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Liberal Rag: More Despotism Please

boslast Wrote: Feb 03, 2014 2:55 AM
The only Republican that you ever talk to is your parole officer....FLAG!
Trolls! The 6th Horrific Example of Cultural Decay in America.
Hey, maybe we can get an a conflict going between Goldi and Thaal like that between Golem and Sméagol! I've got to head to bed now but have fun, kids!
Totally agree with it all. Mudon! Goldi's 2:09 am denial is typical. Due to the perversity/diversity and plethora of utterences that Goldi expels I suspect either it has multiple personalities or that more than one entity uses that moniker.
Goldi's responses are similar to the everyday event where if they keep appearing you keep wiping? I'm afraid that just the ones here, approaching a couple of dozen, will plug up the plumbing! Anyone know how to flush them?!!!
Goldi, Back at Prager's article you just stated that the 24% of the people who picked the US as being the current greatest threat to peace in the world, the answer with the largest percentage, were wrong. At last you're correct! That honor belongs to trolls such as yourself. By the way, my comment earlier suggesting that I might be leaving TH for the evening worked just like the process I witnessed growing up where a cat would chase a rat into a hole and then pull back a short distance and wait. The rat would reappear quite quickly! Good night!
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